Alfa Romeo GT Coupe, 3.2 Liter V-6 Engine

Alfa Romeo, ah there was a name to conjure with - and here comes the Alfa Romeo GT sports coupe to raise the name again. Henry Ford is reputed to have said that he lifted his hat every time he saw one (which wasn't often). In the 1930s and 1950s, Alfa Romeo was revered in much the same way as Ferrari is now. And in the 60s there were some super Alfa Romeo sports cars, but after that Fiat decreed Alfa Romeo cars should change to front-wheel drive, which went against what Alfa stood for. So things went downhill. Now, it looks as if Alfa Romeo is on the up and up. First, this Alfa GT is lovely looking car, secondly, it has the right power trains, and thirdly, the suspension and steering are right. Next comes the shorter Brera - more of a sports car and as Alfa is now in the same sub-group as Maserati, it must have a more sporty future. Alfa Romeo GT Coupe Styled by Bertone So what about this GT? Styled by Bertone, it's an elegant coupe that makes others look dull. The Alfa three-p

Speed Limits: How Fast Can You Go?

Posted speed limits are something that drivers routinely flout, especially on isolated open roads where traffic is light, enforcement is minimal or non-existent and when time is a factor. Beginning in the mid-1970s, the federal government legally limited highway speeds to 55 mph, setting a ridiculously low threshold that was ignored with abandon. State Laws Federal laws were loosened in 1987 and completely done away with in 1995, returning speed limit jurisdiction back to where it belongs: the states. Today, all 50 states feature posted speed limits above 55 mph with some stretches of roads in Texas allowing 85 mph. East of the Mississippi River, speed limits above 70 mph have not been found, but starting this month the state of Maine is raising the bar to 75 mph, at least on one section of highway. A 100-mile stretch of I-95 from Old Town to Houlton has had its speed limit raised from 65 mph to the higher limit, reflecting the driving habits of Mainers. That section of the highway is

Honda Accord, Modern Features And The Latest Technology Innovation

Honda's flagship luxury sedan which is the ninth generation uses a 4-cylinder DOHC engine in line with 16 valve i-VTEC which has a combustion capacity of 2,356 cc which is claimed to be able to give off a maximum power of 176 PS at 6,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 225 Nm at 4,000 RPM. The Honda Accord is channeled through a 5-speed automatic transmission which makes acceleration smoother and faster.  With this power, this Honda Accord feels very tough and fast when driving on smooth tracks typical of urban roads. It is estimated that the engine that produces the Honda Accord's power can reach a top speed of more than 200 km / hour. By using PGM-FI fuel supply technology and EarthDreams Technology, this Honda Accord results in more efficient fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is claimed to be within the range of up to 12 km for one liter of gasoline used. In the latest generation of Honda Accord, it has modern features that are very complete so that it will provide comfort, sa